Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness party! Feel the music and let loose.


A challenging high energy class combining movement to challenge both the cardiovascular system and the larger muscles of the body with activity drills.


Get ready to sweat in this 45 minute low impact class combining cycling technique with coaching to challenge and inspire you!

Body Blast

Body Blast
A barbell workout that challenges all your major muscle groups by using weight room exercises. The simplicity of this class makes it a great starting point to develop strength and is perfect for both males and females who want to add strength training in to their aerobic workouts.

Beach Body Outdoor Workout with Lee

Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather! This is an outdoor fat blasting workout to get you into beach ready shape fast!


A high intensity low impact cardio workout involving stepping up and down on a platform

Step Interval

A high intensity low impact cardio and strength training workout involving stepping up and down on a platform combined with dumbbells, rubber tubing and / or barbells

Sculpt and Strengthen

The first half of this power class is weight lifting with low repetition to isolate and strengthen muscles. The second endurance half of the class combines basic step (cardio) and balance moves with light repetitions to burn fat and sculpt muscles.

Fountain of Youth

This class is designed for older adults or any deconditioned individual looking to start and exercise program. increase energy and vitality balance and flexibility for everyday living skills.

Power Yoga with Pilates

A great way to enhance flexibility and core muscle strength promoting unity of the body and mind. By utilizing the stabilizing muscles of the body to create a very safe and strong foundation to exert movement, this class is ideal for those needing to strengthen their backs as well as excellent for developing general tone and fitness.

Strength Kickboxing

Latin Fusion

Tone & Sculpt


Crank up your fat burning furnace with this high intensity interval training session focusing on core upper or lower body. This 30 to 40 minute session combines high intensity exercises followed by intervals of recovery thus accelerating fat loss.