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Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson
BS Certified Personal Trainer

Dee has over 15 years in the fitness industry. She is nationally certified by
the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for personal training and group fitness
instruction and holds a BS degree from the University of West Georgia.

She specializes in time efficient training, weight loss and sports
conditioning. She believes in promoting the physical health of the individual by

making exercise fun yet challenging, thus increasing motivation and esteem.
Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Robin O’Connell
Robin O'Connell

Certified Fitness Trainer

Robin has had more than 25 years fitness and strength training. She is the mother of two and has lived in Flowery Branch, Georgia for twelve years.

Robin holds a fitness trainer certification from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and maintains a CPR certification. Her areas of expertise include body composition change, flexibility training, strength training and aerobic training for fat loss. She has also been a group fitness instructor for 10 years.

Robin’s first love in the fitness world is karate. She is a third degree blackbelt in TangSooDo, a Korean martial art. She has many championships on the local, regional and world level and was voted Best In Test in both her second and third degree blackbelt tests. She has maintained her international instructor status since 2004.

Robin lives by the concept that As the physical body is improved and strengthened so is the health and stability of the mind. Schedule a session with Robin!